Consulting services

We provide security architect services for your projects

For the duration of the project or for long-term contract, we provide the following services:

Consultant for SOC2

Our consultant, or a team of consultants, will prepare your company for the audit according to the SOC2 standard. They will organize the necessary documentation and implementation of processes and rules.

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Consultant for information security

Our consultant, or team of consultants will prepare your company for the audit according to the ISO27001 standard, or legislature in the field of information and cybernetic security, including the documentation and the implementation of the necessary security elements, processes and rules.

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Our consultant will perform in your company the role of the Chief Information Security Office (CISO) in its full extent, including the responsibility for the requirements of legislature and authorities, as well as the requirements and needs arising from the security and process audits.

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Security Architect

we provide the services of a security architect for your projects, who supervises and coordinates the course of the project, from the perspective of information and cybernetic security including the necessary security documentation and assurance.

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